Interesting commentary by Korean sportscasters:

re: recent Japanese FIFA loss “They were so confident of their abilities, so sure they would perform well, yet they came up short, literally and figuratively. And in the end, they made headlines for picking up their own trash.”

re: Russian training “In anticipation of a difficult match, the Russians trained “in secret” so that no one could see their secret moves.”

my own commentary: The referee, Nestor Pitana, is clearly rooting for the Russians. Why don’t they look at the replay videos and ACCURATELY call the penalties in soccer? Very upsetting. 

my grandmother’s commentary: The Russians are playing like how the Koreans played in the 60s. Old-school moves. This could prove dangerous. 

re: Russian coach “He looks like the devil.”

re: Referee “This guy was paid by the Russians to help win this match.”

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