Oh No, You Didn’t…

Oh yes, I did…go to…Bennigan’s. And I will be going again because LE had such a fabulous time at their indoor “Neverland” that we will be making this a regular part of our routine. You can track your kid in every room on their multiple monitors, while enjoying a disgusting American meal and making polite conversation with other Korean Horangimoms. I can’t quite complete this post without sharing some of their menu highlights: “Salad Pizza” which consists of pizza crust with a layer of cream cheese, topped with an abundance of spinach and assorted greens; “Cream Pasta” which consists of a heavy cream sauce the way Koreans think Americans like it made (this is not a good thing) and “Croque Monsieur” which literally looked like a yoga block. 

And of course, how could I not mention the GENIUS behind the “sandbox” concept which actually doesn’t contain ANY sand but artificial soft rocks! Conversation highlights included: parent-obsession with their children learning perfect English, what age is appropriate to send their Korean child to top boarding schools on the East Coast, educational trends, and after school education activities that help educate their educated children. 



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