Backwards, Literally

I had lunch with an old friend today who now lives in Seoul. He was full of amusing and interesting perspectives, from the standpoint of a Korean-American. I was lamenting about the anti-American sentiment I’ve been experiencing here (more on this later) and he pointed out how backwards and far behind this country still is…..if it wants to catch up with the rest of the Western world.
Case in point:images

You dial “119” in an emergency in Korea. Yes, that’s backwards from “911” in the US and other parts of the world. Information is also “114” in Korea, not “411” as in the US.

The Interview

Korean news networks are saying that the actor portraying Kim Jong Eun is far slimmer than the real dictator, as if that is some major point of criticism. They are also appalled the US would have the cajonas to make this type of movie and also amused at the same time. More on the movie here. My prediction is that this movie will do really well here. 



Hello Banyan Tree Seoul: Part 2

Something didn’t feel right about the all-black Caribbean steel band at the property. At first I thought I was hearing the music over loud speakers but looked up to see the live band sweating in their festive shirts. Poor guys. I wonder if most of the patrons have even been to the Caribbean? I was so relieved when they went on a lunch break. It was followed by Latin music but no players in sight. Overall, if you never plan to go to the Caribbean, I could see how this place would could do it for most Koreans. I heard a lot of Konglish around the pool with many of the patrons visiting from the US for the summer. A whole subset of KoAms coming to Korea and hanging out at BT. Who knew?